photo: Kirsi Koskinen

Andy McCoy - lead and backing vocals, all guitars, piano, keyboards
Pete Malmi - lead and backing vocals
Angela Nicoletti - lead and backing vocals, percussion, synthesizers
Archie - bass guitar, backing vocals
Jussi Jetson - drums


Minkä taakseen jättää, sen edestään löytää. Näin kävi ainakin tämän tarinan sankareille eli Pete "Räkä" Malmille ja Andy McCoylle. Paljon on vettä ehtinyt virrata edellisen Briard-julkaisun jälkeen. Briard vaikutti edellisen kerran 80-luvun lopulla, ja meininkiä pidettiin Suomessa punkin tulemisen alkusoittona. Pojat aiheuttivat aikansa pahennusta yhdessä, kunnes Andy päätti siirtyä Pelle Miljoonan riveihin ja sittemmin Hanoi Rocksiin.

Aikansa Suomikin kestää ilman Briardia, mutta rajansa kaikella. Riittävästi on nyt tanssimusiikilla uhottu. Eetteri vaatii asennetta !

Uudestisyntynyt Briard todistaa, että sukupuuttoon voi kuolla ihan rauhassa joku muu musiikinlaji. Ankara soitanta antaa kuulua ettei Briard ole pelkkä rakkikoira. Turhan köykäisellä elämänasenteella ei näitä kappaleita tehdä, tai edes kuunnella. Briardin ajankohtainen Fuck The Army - single nousi paitsi radioiden innokkaaseen käyttöön, myös lentäväksi lauseeksi. Huomiotta tuskin jäävät myöskään kappaleen lopussa kuuluvat Angela Nicolettin käheänjulkeat kommentit. 70-luvun lopulla "Fuck The Armyn" julkaiseminen oli vähällä jäädä väliin, koska sanoma koettiin turhan provosoivaksi. Niin se maailma muuttuu, Eskoseni.

Hieman toisenlaista musiikillista linjaa edusti promosingle "River Of Dreams", joka toi esiin Andyn rakkauden 60-luvun tyttöbändejä kohtaan. Shangrilas! ja radiokanavat aukesivat taivasta myöden.

Lopullisesti epäilijät vaiensi perjantaina 22.11.1996 ilmestynyt albumi, eikä ihme sillä "If rock 'n' roll & punk together had a name they would be called Andy McCoy and Pete Malmi"



  • I Really Hate You/I Want You Back (Delta DES 33, 1977)
  • Fuck The Army/Product Of The TV Generation (Polo PIS 009, 1978)
  • Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep/Superstars (Love LRS 2241, 1979)
  • Rockin' On The Beach/Miss World (Love LRS 2266, 1979)
  • Fuck The Army (CDS, 417772 RCA (BMG), syyskuu 1996)
  • River Of Dreams (Briardpromo1, RCA (BMG), lokakuu 1996)


  • Backstreet Boys/I Want You Back/Miss World/Fuck The Army/Superstars (Johanna JHN 2011, Metropolis -3Lp)
  • Miss World (Johanna JHN 3028, 1983)
  • Andy McCoy & Pete Malmi: Briard (CD, RCA (BMG) 74321 41760 2, 1996)
      Fuck The Army | I Didn´t Know She Could Rock´N´Roll | River Of Dreams | Let´s Play Home | Why Is Love So Cruel | Sexy Girl | London Town | Head Over Heels | Border To Border | Spirit | Scream

Andy McCoy & Pete Malmi


- Biography 10/96 by Angela Nicoletti -

Andy McCoy is a very important and special artist, a living legend, although the man is only 34 years old. His grandfather, a known Gypsy artist, influenced Andy at the tender age of four years old. Andy says: "All I heard was music, so true to the Roman blood. I ended up on a more or less chosen path to entertain, to make people feel, to laugh, to cry, to react to my music at any given occasion." At nine years old he switched to electric guitar, although never neglected acoustic music, because flamenco is one of Andy's passions.

At thirteen Andy met Pete Malmi through Andy's brother Ikke. Pete loved Andy's guitar playing and Andy admired Pete's arrogance - they hit off immediately and formed Briard. Their first single with Pete Malmi on lead vocals and Andy's brother Ikke on bass guitar was titled "I really hate you/l want you back". Ikke went on to become a computer genius. Andy is complete opposite, except they both have great talent for music, Andy never neglecting this talent running through his veins but nursing it like a new born baby. Briard is said to be the first punk band in Andy's and Pete's native country Finland. Andy had to move on while Pete Malmi went solo and made a record under his own name and stayed in Finland. Pete Malmi never achieved platinum status like Andy, but he shall not be under-estimated. His vocals are truly unique, a style that has been copied decades later, the same as McCoy, true innovators in an immedated world. Everybody wants to play scrabble while Andy McCoy invented the game.

Andy McCoy is known for his unique music from composing to guitar to art (he has quite a collection of paintings). After Briard Andy at the age of 16 achieved platinum status with a punk band called Pelle Miljoona Oy in his native Finland. People thought it insane that Andy would leave such a successful group voted most popular in all categories of music in Finland. He had to follow the road he paved for himself - thus came into being a legend called Hanoi Rocks. So Andy left superstardom for obscurity for a band that only in his mind were already superstars. Starvation and homelessness did not discourage him. Hanoi Rocks can still be heared today through bands like Skid Row and Guns 'n' Roses, just to name a few.´

After Hanoi Rocks Andy's solo projects were Cherry Bombz and an acoustic album called Suicide Twins with Andy's former band mate in Hanoi Rocks named Nasty Suicide (Jan Stenfors). Suicide Twins is one of the most under-estimated albums in history. Andy moved to L.A. where he met his wife and bandmate Angela Nicoletti, who just happens to be Johnny Thunders' younger first cousin. Andy met Angela through Guns 'n Roses guitar slinger Izzy Stradlin, Andy's best friend at the time.You can still hear Andy say: "Well, I lost my best friend who I still haven't spoken to and gained the best thing in the world - luv." Angela sang back up with Billy Idol and Guns 'n Roses amongst others before meeting Andy. She is one of the guns in Live Ammo album Building on Tradition, Andy's last record which hit platinum status in Scandinavia and Japan, still waiting to be released in Europe and America. After Suicide Twins Andy toured with Iggy Pop for two years and then formed a band called Shooting Gallery. "Biggest mistake of my life - too many big egos and not enough heart", says Andy. So Andy and Angela left L.A.. to come back to Finland and they formed Live Ammo.

While in Finland Andy got a call from Pete and they decided to work together again. Andy, Pete and Angela sat around writing and before they knew, they had enough brilliant material for a record. They decided to name it Briard for that is who they are together. Comparing the old Briard records to the new one can hear how much Andy has grown as an artist. Andy's guitar playing also has grown into a huge beautiful monster ready to break out from its cage. Angela adds with her street sussed versatile style, a vivacious woman so sweet one second the next a vampire, strutting and slurring, ready to suck the mike or kickbox you in the face with her vocal range.

Archie, who looks like a mean biker from Hell, holds the bass very strongly, and is growing each day as a talented musician. He and Jussi who takes a seat on drums, add to the music like a rhythm machine. Jussi and Archie have both been influenced by Johnny Thunders and Hanoi Rocks.

Briard Revisited is one of their most brilliant projects up to date. Andy and Pete revamped a cult classic called Fuck the Army which is the first single on the record. "Everybody is expecting it to be a punk record cuz punk is back in, but it's really a mixture of rock 'n' roll and punk", says Andy, "Each song is different and has its own unique style." River of Dreams is a beautiful ballad, which Andy and Angela wrote together, as well as a song called Why Is Love So Cruel. Sexy Girl takes us to Andy's roots, hearing a bit of Iggy and Bowie in his vocals. As I Didn 't Know That She Could R & R rocks the house with Angela sounding harder than Joan Jett could even dream of sounding. Head Over Heels is a Briard remake of a nasty song called Miss World. Spirit not only rocks the house but shakes it like a L.A. earthquake, while Scream, the epic of the record, is a real ear candy with its 'hey hey's. The album is very diverse, something that you listen to get the chills. Another stitch in the big beautiful sweater Andy and Pete have made for the world to hear.

If rock 'n' roll & punk together had a name they would be called Andy McCoy and Pete Malmi, two misfits that happen to fit beautifully together like a pair of tight leathers! While everyone thinks Mike Monroe is Andy's other half, Pete Malmi was around way before, with Andy slinging that guitar with style and panache.

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