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Dave Lindholm’s début LP, Ferris, was released in 1971. To celebrate the 35th anniversary of his first album, Dave Lindholm assembled a touring line-up to perform a selection of pieces brought forth along the long road, including exclusively songs written in English.

The highlights of the 35-year anniversary tour have been recorded on this jubilee live CD. Since this musical journey doesn’t advance in chronological order, it is useful to bring to mind the original releasing links and dates of the selected songs.

The voyage begins with Rock’n’Roll & Richards (or more correctly, Rock & Roll & Richards), the first CD single by the Canpaza Gypsys from the summer of 1994. The riffs played prove the lingering Rolling Stones sound the paragon.

Put On Your Monkey Hat associates to the time period when Dave Lindholm was in the swim with the Sleepy Sleepers. Originally the piece is a sudden improvisation created on a gig but it became one of Dave’s most recognizable hits. He made a recording of the piece when in the line-up of Leningrad Cowboys but the fist release of it was on the LP The Official – The Original by his own band Run Runs in February 1984.

The next choice takes us way back to the springhead of Dave Lindholm’s career. The band Ferris Wheel (later Ferris) got at recording in the spring of 1971. The opening number of the LP Ferris (titled after the band), the first-born album by Dave, is Mama.

The next cut, Soul Deep, appears on the first Canpaza Gypsys album (1995). Canpaza Gypsys recorded all together three albums with a slightly varying line-up. The third album, Hot, was recorded in January 1997, with the current bass player/singer Maria Hänninen already aboard. The realization of Train Of Fire on this jubilee live recording contradicts the acoustic, triple tracked original with a different arrangement.

For its part, (We Were All Wounded At) Wounded Knee is a Dave Lindholm gig classic that has not been recorded previously. The original performance of the piece with the band Redbones dates back to 1973.

The LP Closer To The Drum by Dave’s band Pen Lee & Co was released in the latter part of the year 1976. The title of the LP relates to the band’s music in which the rhythm and accompaniment patterns played a significant role. The choice from this LP is Mau Mau, previously released also as a B-side track on a single. Initially, Mau Mau was a highly jam-based extemporized mumble actualized with Hessu Hiekkala.

The leap to the next milestone takes us 20 years ahead: we return to the album Hot with a great Maria Hänninen original Paralyzed.

The easy-going and sentimental Cryin’ Won’t Do You No Good was initially released on the Dave Lindholm & Pepe Ahlqvist CD Stunning Episodes published by the music magazine Rytmi in 2000. A couple of years later it was recorded again by the whole SF-Blues: the three Finnish blues heroes Lindholm, Ahlqvist and Heikki Silvennoinen with a rhythm combo.

Around three years later, in May 2003, the trio Redclouds (Dave with friends Jarkko Eve and Matti Takala) released a CD with the same name; the selection from this CD is Sari Does It.

To get a chance to record in Texas, U.S., was a long-term dream for Dave. In October 1988 the dream realized. The next cut Needless To Say is from the LP Jose Blues.

Between May and October 1989, White Midnight, Dave’s band of the time, recorded the LP Creampistols in Harasoo Studios. This album was released also in Sweden and France. The A-side of the second single was Yippee!

Probably the best-known and in any case the most covered Dave Lindholm hit is beyond dispute the 1975 début single I’m Gonna Roll of the short-life Rock’n Roll Band. The version on this CD is #5 by Dave and at least #13 including all possible versions so far; yet he has succeeded to bring new zeal to it.

The previously mentioned Pen Lee & Co. single Do I Have To Throw Stones was released in early 1976. Before this jubilee live recording, Dave has recorded this piece for the second time on his blues album Just in 1998.

The special treat saved to the end is a sample from the début album Black (released also in Germany) by Bluesounds, possibly Dave Lindholm’s best ensemble ever. The distinct and hugely effective sound of the band, the hypnotic clatter if you wish, was developed and perfected by the completion process of this very piece, T.H.E. World (The Heroin Effected World).

Jaska Riihimaa

(translated by Nellie Ray Wilson)

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