sliced by
a. sallinen
analog clinic,

Aki A.Sallinen

Jukka J.Kaartinen


function c/o mezcaline records
helsinki, finland


1986 j.k.'s musical career was in the beginning

1987 a.s. had his first touches to electric music in cosmic zone -project

1993 the very first pineapple track was created by j.k.

1994 j.k. met a.s., the pineapple line-up was created

1994 sähkö records got interested about pineapple sound textures and released track "sys 100 module circles" on their compilation "distant music" (uni-1)

1994 pineapple circle produced several tapes and full live performance in ambient city radio -project

1994 j.k. recorded "coopers" project for dum records

1995 sähkö records released pineapple circle ep (upo-1). the vinyl had three tracks which were made in first pineapple sessions. the release has got very positive feedback worldwide

1995 deeper and deeper to the realms of astral sound reality, producing three track demo tape for function recordings

1995 x-mas pineapple circle completed their recordings for "distant adrifting circles"

1996 the album was released 23rd February