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The Cosmic Goblins

biography so far (summer 2000)

In autumn 1992 Tepa & Vuke start to play acoustically old blues, punk and Rolling Stones standards
and also making couple of own new bonafide rock´n´roll songs.
Vuke went studio and recorded with Fisu (ex-Whip Me Nicely-drummer)
cover-song Faster,Pussycat!Kill!Kill! and two his own demos: Serenade and Crocodile Virgin .
On these songs are also playing Mikko from Whip Me Nicely on some additional tracks.
These old Strawberry Vision bandmates moved some months earlier to other town to form their own group.

Soon after this X-mas and new year sessions Tepa and Vuke found Pinni (bass) and Räsä (drums).
Band played their first gig on local disco "Bar 54" in 9th of January 1993.
Band also recorded some songs in January 1993,
and in April they released 4 song-ep from that session as Under the Possessed Sky.
This 7" inch record was sold out very fast and achieved some cult-status,
after good rewiews (Jungle, Soundi) and some radioplayings on radio-programs in Finland
(Rockmafia, Räkärodeo, Ilmestyskirja...).

In autumn 1993 they recorded more songs and released cover-ep Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!.
That song is main title from the Russ Meyer film of the same name (1965),
originally written by Bert Sheffer, Paul Sawtell & Rick Jarrard as The Bostweeds.
Vuke was once a member of LOTC (Legion Of The Cramped) and liked The Cramps version of that song.
The Bostweeds original version is so hard to found that it´s been a possible that it never was released
as a single, only audiotrack was made to film according Russ Meyer.
Nowadays you can check the Russ Meyer Soundtrack series albums or cd:s from
some independent distributors.

Let´s Spend the Night Together is Rolling Stones song from their best 60´s line-up.

What´s My Name is old Clash song from their first album, co-written Keith Levine with Strummer & Jones.
Levine was guitarist in one of the first Clash line-ups. And also remembered of his very gifted playing
in Public Image Ltd.

Pipeline by Spickard and Carman is fine song from the golden age of instrumentals.

Let the Day Begin is from Samhain´s November Coming Fire album written by ex-Misfits singer G. Danzig.

Neighbourhood Threat was written by two musical genius in rock- music: David Bowie & Iggy Pop,
with Rick Gardiner. Original version from the song can be found from great Iggy Pop album: Lust For Life.

Last cover on the ep is one of the finest songs ex-New York Dolls guitarist Johnny Thunders (R.I.P)
was written: You Can´t Put Your Arms Around a Memory.

These songs were trained sometimes in Goblins rehearsals, and boys played them almost live to the tape,
only couple of backing vocals and guitar solos were played after.
Band also records 3 own songs: The Outsider, Too Fast Yesterdays & Pandora´s Box at this session
and those can be heard on their first 7 track minicd: ... at the First Degree.
It has been released on 1.6.1994 on true summer rockin´party in Forssa, where also played
Whip me Nicely their first gig, and local boys Raaste and Hampuusit.

Drummer Räsä was left while after these recordings, and Seppo, friend near from Forssa
was found to drums, Seppo played drums also in heavy-metal band Mythem.
With new line-up they recorded 4 new songs and these tracks also are on their first mini-cd.

Their second CD-releasing Two Sides of The Story includes cover version from The Dead Boys-song:
Sonic Reducer, tribute song to fine band and their singer Stiv Bators (R.I.P).
Two Sides of a Story was recorded late summer 1994 and has get good rewiews from
indie/guitarpunk magazines.

Their two songs Rise & Fall and Solitaire appeared 1995 on Mahopop´s compilation:
Don´t Fuck With The Babysitter, songs were recorded with Räsä in the same sessions than some cover-songs,
but Rise & Fall was alternate mixing of 7" version.

Two other songs: Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde and Behind has released February 1996
on Mahopop´s second compilation-cd: Return of The Babysitter (The Final Chapter).
These two tracks are recorded in Harasoo-studio in Tampere
in same sessions than Two Sides of a Story,
and band decided to do more tracks with engineer and “co-producer” Ari Toikka
(ex-Horsepower, Eve, Bomfunk MC:s)
and release their first longplay as Connection From the 3rd Level
(part 3 of trilogy: the First Degree and Two Sides...)

On Connection from the 3rd Level-cd you can have also remastered versions from their first 7" ep releases
(now sold out) Under the Possessed Sky & Faster Pussycat Kill! Kill!

Band released limited cassetteversion (500 copies) from Connection from the 3rd level on autumn 1996,
as promotional sample, when they achieved second place in demo-contest,
that has managed Finland´s best rock-magazine Soundi. There was 600 other bands,
but Goblins stage presence was on so high, that they played some of their best gigs so far
(Tavastia, and Messukeskus in Helsinki with Waltari and Apocalyptica), even they played as trio,
´cos Tepa has his family affairs. They lose to winners Hundred Million Martians only few points,
and took the second price and have fuckin´great hullaballoos with local friends Bullock,
and other youngsters from Forssa who are come to see the Goblins´ gig by charterbus.
They also made some gigs with those good galactic friends Hundred Million Martians,
after that contest several weeks later.

Superb track from Connection; Chemical Spellbound also appeared 1998 on Frank Records compilation:
Second Coming-Bowling Party ,10" incher on fine blue-colored vinyl (limited pressing)

Tepa decided to “retire” and his families and work has taken now his time,
he sometimes visits with Goblins-sessions, like in 1996 when they recorded track:
The Ghost Train to american punk-legend Jeff Dahl:s Trash On Demand vol.3 compilation.
(Amsterdamned records 1999).

Then they need and got new hard´rockin ass kickin´ bassist from Vuke:s old band
Strawberry Vision; Johnny.
Pinni started to play rhythm guitar, which is his secret dream,
after seeing Tyla (Dog´s Amour) and Ginger (Wildhearts).
This line-up lasted until 1998, when Johnny wants to quit , and end his technical studies
in local engineerschool.
(Before Pinni, was on guitar Tom-boy, who played in one sessins, you can hear him on track: The Philatelist.)
Pinni wants to play in his own group mostly in weekends,
´cos his family and work takes too much time to play in The Goblins,
he plays occassionally with old band when is needed (studio background vocals etc).
This band done several gigs and recorded 1998 new material,
but the chaotic and frenzy and weird things start happen to Vuke,
too many things to mention, but booze and mental hospitals
and rock festivals and dangerous women,
and work at the cemetary and sausage factory,
working in his new homestudio with the Fridgerators (BAND!!!) and computer studies
taken his time more than you can imagine.

The Goblins doesn´t make gigs in two years now, but they have played in rehearsals,
and new men are recryted.
Johnny´s replacement man Anssi is from younger generation band Bullock,
and is very gifted bassplayer and party animal, who likes natural things and spend his holidays in Jamaica.
New guitarist ex-Whip Me Nicely-man Jori “Jörgefer”, is old friend of Goblins and Whip Me Nicely
“collaborator gigs” (also Vuke´s old childhood neighbour).
About 20 new Cosmic Goblins songs are written by Vuke in these last two years,
(new lyrics are found on lyrics-page),he also has written all Fridgerators- songs in that period.
(more details of this side project on Hypnovision section.)

22.2.2000 the newest Goblins release has seen the daylight: Joyride with the Hearse- cdep,
in which is this cd-rom material on computer-version.
5 new songs from different sessions are included and alternate takes from forthcoming longplay,
some versions include 1998 recorded coversong- Criminal,
which is written by Claude (R.I.P) & Manchuria from legendary Finnish group Smack,
original version can be heard on their debut album On You, but I prefer the earlier single version.

Band has done many gigs, mainly in southern Finland,
their style is mixture of energic/raw guitarpunk with melodies & attitude,
so check´em out if they´re playin in near your home,
or order some of their finest tracks from their label Hypnovision
or some other label or record store which is distributing their records.

The Cosmic Goblins illustrations on cd:s and covers, mainly by P.Vahteristo.



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