- Lankinen; guitars, vocals
- Keminen; bass, vocals
- Silli ("Mr. Herring"); drums, percussion


Wanna-Bees have been around almost ten years and they've got a lot to show to prove it. Five albums plus several singles and EP's, some video clips, tours of Germany and Sweden, recording and touring Australia, records releases in all over Europe and Asia (including communist China) plus of course the whole Finnish shabang: gigs and gigs and more gigs, from small clubs to major gestivals.

1995 seems to almost double all the above, though. The Bees played in Canada in March, released their first US album (Small Town Heroes on Chicago-based Pravda Records), was included on Pravda's STAR POWER compilation with Love Battery, Loud Family, A-Bones & others, and release their official sixth album in all Scandinavian countries.

Now the sixth album, WILL SUCCESS SPOIL US, is something worth mention. Mostly because it's one of the best albums of the year! Wanna-Bees go back to their punk pop roots, meaning catchy but gutsy tunes and raw power, and add ten years worth of experience and vision. Sounding not totally unlike, say, the pop sensibility of Weezer crossed with the natural punky groove of Green Day meets the sheer power of TAD.

Did success spoil them? Judge by yourself: their main aim in the showbusiness?
A Slipt 7" single with the almighty Goo Goo Dolls!


  • Next Stop Paradise (mini-lp, Gaga Goodies GOD-1, 5/1987)
  • Little Bit Of Pleasure (7", Gaga Goodies GO-2, 2/1988)
  • Let's Fall In Love (7", Gaga Goodies GO-4, 2/1988)
  • Did I Really Kill Two Of My Friends (LP, Gaga Goodies GOOD-4, 9/1988)
  • On A Vacation (7", Gaga Goodies GO-13, 8/1989)
  • Vacation (LP, Gaga Goodies GOOD-9, 10/1989)
      released also in Germany (Rosebud ROSE-1)
  • My Little Dum Dum (7", Gaga Goodies GO-17, 4/1990)
  • Stand Up (7", Gaga Goodies GO-23, 4/1991)
  • Vegetable House Time (LP/CD, Gaga Goodies GOOD-19/GOODCD-19, 10/1991)
  • Another E.P. (cd-ep, Gaga Goodies GOCD 1, 1/1993)
  • Good Clean Entertainment (CD, Gaga Goodies GOOD-25, 1/1994)
      You're So Rock'N'Roll | Something Bad | Safe Adventure | Crawl | Good Clean Entertainment | Mr. Castaway | My Favourite Crime | Solid Ground | Scatterbrain | She's So Scared | Strawberry Blue | Harmony In Paradise
  • Violent Vibrations (CD, Radium/MNW /Roadrunner, RA-9177-2)
    - released in various European countries, also in some Asian countries (Himalaya Records)
  • Small Time Heroes (CD, Pravda Records PR-6355, -95)
    - inc. previously unreleased "Find Myself".
  • Will Success Spoil Us (CD, Gaga Goodies GOOD-36, 8/1995)
      Temptation Denier | Monalisa Overdrive | Will Success Spoil me | Masterplan | Lost In Candyland | Fail | Working Overtime | Consumer's Guide | Girl From Another World | Move Me | Laughtrack | Sinister Urge | Scaryfunny Town
On compilations:
  • Rock'n'Roll (LP, Vaaralliset Levyt / One Inch Rock VAAR-2001-LP, 1986)
      The Night Of The Hunter / First Time / Next Stop Paradise /The Standing

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