kokoonpano / members:

    Jukka Hakaniemi; bass
    Tommi Lehtonen; drums and percussion
    Ilkka Mattila; guitars, drum machines and sequencer programming
    Tommi Pietiläinen; vocals and guitars

kontakti/contact (in Finnish, Swedish and English):

Tommi Pietiläinen
Källbackgatan 11
66700 Nykarleby
tel. +358-67-7220173

diskografia / discography:

  • Anatomy EP ( In Hama Future, LoHa-1, 1994)
      Friday | Made of Steel | See More Glass | Words

on compilations

  • - track "Tylsää" on compilation CD "Toinen käsittely" (Hiljaiset Levyt, CD/HILL-020, 1995)

  • -track "If You Can Fight the Feeling" on compilation CD "Guitarmania Volume 1", Stupido Twins, TWINCD-25, 1995)

  • - track "Lips" on compilation tape "Fresh" (Tangerine Records TAMC-006, 1995)


bio in english
suuret sähkökitarat, kevyet melodiat, ankaruus ja herkkyys

Kesällä 1993 perustettu Love Handles yhdistää musiikissaan meluisia kitaravalleja ja tarttuvia popmelodioita. Suomalaisen popmusiikin valtavirrasta erillään kulkevan yhtyeen jäsenillä on vahva tausta; lauluntekijä Tommi Pietiläinen soitti pitkään Poverty Stinksissä, basisti Jukka Hakaniemi oli mukana Going Publicissa, ja kitaristi Ilkka Mattila teki industrial-soundia Jimi Tenor & His Shamans -yhtyeen riveissä 80-luvulla.


Love Handles was founded in summer 1993 somewhere in Finland. "Somewhere in Finland" is the only correct way to describe the band's whereabouts since everyone in Love Handles tends to live quite far away from each other. Despite the distance - or because of it - the band has managed to keep its slow and noisy, guitar-driven pop alive and well

The songs, vocals and at least half of the guitars in Love Handles is provided by Tommi Pietiläinen, formerly of Poverty Stinks. The rest of the band have also gained experience in Finnish rock scene. Bass player Jukka Hakaniemi was in Going Public, guitarist Ilkka Mattila used to create experimental noise in the 80's with kitsch-house artist Jimi Tenor and drummer Tommi Lehtonen still plays in The Pansies.

Armed with loud guitars, tender melodies and nerd-like appearance, Love Handles have been compared to Neil Young, My Bloody Valentine, Smashing Pumpkins, Television and a ship disaster.

Love Handles released its debut, 4-track Anatomy EP, on their own label in spring 1994. Opening track Friday gained a promising amount of airplay in Finland. The band recorded one track (in Finnish) for Alivaltiosihteeri -tribute collection Toinen käsittely. They also featured on Guitarmania compilation album with a previously unreleased track If You Can't Fight The Feeling. A new EP is due soon. This summer ('95) Love Handles will play several Finnish festivals, including Provinssirock and Down By The Laituri.

Bass player Jukka Hakaniemi left the band in summer 1995. Love Handles played some Finnish festivals with Kati Vapaavuori on bass and took a long break. During that Tommi Pietilšinen directed video clips for bands like The Pansies, Super, Supperheads and Limonadi Elohopea. Ilkka Mattila played on Jimi Tenor's new "Intervision" album and worked as a producer on Plum's forthcoming album "Trike". He has also made remixes for 22-Pistepirkko, Plum and Jimi Tenor.Tommi Lehtonen went on touring with The Pansies.

Early 1997 the remaining three members recorded some new material for the forthcoming Tangerine Records compilation album. The album is due to release in Japan later in 1997.

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