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Jukka Annala (guitar and vocals)
Tommi Lahtonen (drums, percussion)
Mauritz Möller (bass, backing vocals)

The Mies oli kokkolalainen kitararocktrio 1980-1990-luvuilla. Englanniksi laulanut yhtye naitti neuroottisen rockin, melodisen popin ja musiikillisen huumorin. The Mies ei kuitenkaan ollut hupibändi, toisin kuin yhtyeen nimestä voisi päätellä. Bändin pitkäsoitto Raining Cats and Dogs (1994) sai kriitikoilta vuolaasti kiitosta ja nimettiin Radiomafian Viikon levyksi, mutta myyntimenestystä siitä ei tullut. Yhtyeen kitaristi-laulaja Jukka Annala kirjoitti bändin puolinyrjähtäneet tekstit ja kitaravetoisen musiikin.

Keikoilla The Mies tulkitsi myös lainakappaleita Talking Headsista Hurriganesiin ja Triffidsistä Doorsiin. Yhtye esiintyi mm. kolmesti Seinäjoen Provinssirockissa ja teki kaksi esiintymismatkaa eksoottiseen Neuvosto-Viroon 1990-luvun taitteessa.

photo: Clas-Olav Slotte




The Mies was a 1980-90's guitar-based rock trio from the west coast of Finland, Kokkola. The group combined neurotic rock rhythms and pop melodies spiced with part-time-zappa musical humour.

The Mies released one indie-label album, Raining Cats and Dogs (1994), which had little comercial success. However, the record received great acclaim from several music-critics and was hailed The Rock Album of the Week by the youth-oriented nation-wide radio station Radiomafia.

Highlights of the album include the tracks Kissinger, Communist Girl, I Hate You, Suppertime Shuffle and Universe Upstairs. So far the last song The Mies recorded, Boys for Breakfast, was released a year later on a compilation album of new Finnish pop bands, Guitarmania (1995).

The Mies' music and lyrics were written by Jukka Annala, the band's guitar player and lead vocalist. The Mies was yet significantly a three member band, alongside bass guitarist Mauritz Möller (Finnish rock championship in Claudia, 1985) and loud drummer Tommi Lahtonen (Dreadline, The Phonies). Their stage names of the period were Anis, Mama and Ålssi.

The Mies' live performances included own compositions mixed with cover numbers of groups like Talking Heads, Television, The Doors, Hurriganes and Triffids. The Mies played live mainly in Kokkola region (500 km northwest from Helsinki) but did dozens of gigs also from northern Oulu to the capital Helsinki. Three times they were invited to the minor stages of Seinäjoki Provinssirock festival and as a weird interlude, the troika played two brief tours in Soviet Estonia.

The band's active years lasted from late 1987 until mid-1990's. The odd name of the band (mies = a man in Finnish) was often considered idiotic and led the native Finns to associate the band automatically as a somewhat redneck limbo combo, which it never was.

The Mies' last public appearance happened in their hometown in 1999. Jukka Annala became journalist-author, whose book Salmiakki (2001) was nominated for non-fiction Finlandia Prize. Möller and Lahtonen have been playing together for example in Mokkamasters, a party band playing old Finnish schlagers with rock attitude. Lahtonen's new Kokkola group The Phonies released their debut album Instant Elation in 2004.

records company: Pure Records


  • Popular Baby | Frigid Ingrid (7", Poikien kulttuuriseura Pojat 003, 1990) tracks "Young and Normal" & "Rid of Him" on Captain Demo (CD, Radiomafia Yle CDY 124, 1993) Raining Cats And Dogs (CD, Pure Records PURE CD 105, 1994)
      The Girl With The Nose | Yes Ma'am | Gimme All Your Goodies | I Hate You | Communist Girl | Air | Small Town Big Shot | Suppertime Shuffle | In The Medicine | Kissinger | Teenage Number Two | Universe Upstairs | Tabasco Lagoon
  • track "Boys for Breakfast" on Guitarmania vol.1 (CD, Stupido Twins TwinCD 25, 1995)

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