Jarmo Laine; vocals, keyboards
    Ari Maunula; bass
    Jukka Kylli; drums, percussions
    Tuomas Rislakki; guitars

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record company: Poko Rekords


Jarmo Laine and Ari Maunula started to play together back in 1971 - football, that is.
By mid-80´s they had had enough of national sports-stardom and decided to start a career as pop-idols instead. Poverty Stinks was formed.

First they tried to break through by sending out demos and playing the Helsinki area, but finally it was the self-financed single "I Wanna Be With You" that gathered the band a cultish following. The melodic, catchy songs of Jarmo Laine, the clear, pure pop sound of the band and the radio success of the single got CBS Records interested.

CBS released re-mixed version of the single and the second single for the major label was "You Can´t Give Enough"(1989). Soon after this the band left CBS, disappointed and in debt. The guys thought it would be better to carry on by financing another release themselves and that happened with the EP "I Am YourFriend" (1990). Shortly after this the band went through a radical line-up change.The changes brought in their first real rock drummer Jukka Kylli and the imaginative and versatile lead guitarist Tommi Pietiläinen.

Something clicked...and the once promising, somewhat shaky 60´s pop band had leaped into the 90´s as a solid, powerful pop band; a band that has its roots in the glorious past of pop music but is still right here, right now.

Gaga Goodies label picked up the band and the first album was released in late 1990. "Gargle Blaster" (album´s name is from the sci-fi classic the Hitch-Hikers Guide to Galaxy!) was a success among critics in Finland and the band received a great deal of attention. Especially the great cover version of old Black Sabbath classic "Paranoid" received a lot of airplay.

The band was signed to Poko Rekords, leading indie in Finland, in the beginning of the ´91 and the album was also released in other Scandinavian countries through MNW Records in spring 1991.

The second album "Getting Deeper" was released in Scandinavia in September ´91 and the single "It´s Not That Easy" followed in May ´92.
Poverty Stinks´ third album "Gobbledygook" was recorded in August ´92. During that year the Poverty Stinks persistently toured in Finland and Scandinavia doing nearly 100 gigs. They also played the legendary CBGB´S in New York during New Music Seminar and were the Finland´s entry for the European Radio Union´s EBU-ROCK Festival in Alborg, Denmark. They also celebrated their first UK album release by playing at the famous Marquee Club in London in November. The Japanese love the 60´s pop sounds and the Beatles. It wasn´t surprise that they also discovered Poverty Stinks. The first release being the "Gargle Blaster" album, the deal was made for total of four albums with Apollon Inc. "L´Epoque Du Pop" was the best of-compilation remixed by Finland´s top producer TT Oksala. He also produced new single "Summer Will Never End" in ´93. The partnership was a success and since then they have done everything together.

In December ´93 the single "Wonder House" was released with the new line-up; Juha Kapiainen being new guitar player. In early ´94 they headed to Germany for almost a month long tour. They returned to Finland to promote brand new album "Hello Sister" with many spring gigs.

Poverty Stinks flew also to Japan to promote their local releases with some very successful club dates. It´s not miracle anymore when the record company receives faxes from Japan like "I´ll be in Finland next week. I would like to see Poverty Stinks play. Please send me info!"

It was time to change guitar players again, Kimmo Salmela, being the new one. The first three months went with hectic rehearsing and the result was great album "Popstasy". The last session was recorded on the very same day when Finland won their first Ice Hockey World Championship!

"Popstasy" is their best album to date and everybody´s been very enthusiastic about it. The album will be released in Japan on September and in Finland in October. The rest of Scandinavia will hear about it in November. The first single from the album is "Until You Find The Valley".

New album "Schräng!" out now!


  • I Wanna Be With You | It's You (7", private release, PSS-100, 1988)

  • You Can't Give Enough | Take This World (7", CBS 654875-2, 1989)

  • I Wanna Be With You | It's You (re-mixed versions) (7", CBS 654664 7, 1989)

  • I Am Your Friend | I Really Don't Know | (Don't Know) What It Is | Civilized World | This Might Be the End (EP, private release, PSEP-01, 1989)

  • Paranoid | Poverty Stinks (7", Gaga Goodies GO-22, 1990)

  • Gargle Blaster (LP/CD, Gaga Goodies GOOD-14/CD, GOOD-14-CD, 1990)
      There Must Be...| Think It Over | Now Now Now | You Won't Get A Thing | Hard Working Guy | Someone Is Always Ruling You | Paranoid | Love Me Squeeze Me | Poverty Stinks | Take Me Home | Peace Of Mind | The Waltz

  • Don't Follow Me | I Am Your Friend | Tired Of Waiting (Poko Rekords PIS 295-12, 1991)

  • Getting Deeper (Poko Rekords, CD:POKOCD 71 / MC:POKS 120 / LP:PÄLP 120, 1991)
      Another World | I'm Part of You | Man Like Anyone Else | You're Going Away | The Only One | I'm Your Friend | Who Could Tell the Truth | She | You Can't Give Enough | Getting Deeper | Don't Follow Me | Hitch-Hiker | One Love

  • It's Not That Easy | You Can't Be More Than A Memory | Josie (Poko Rekords PSCD 12, 1992)

  • Gobbledygook (Poko Rekords, CD:POKOCD 136 / MC:POKS 136 /LP:PÄLP 136, 1992)
      And She Laughed | Somebody Is Waiting For Somebody | That Girl Is Gone | One Thing On My Mind | Let the Man Play | It's Not That Easy | It Can't Get Out of Hand | Devil In Her Heart | I Really Don't Know | A Million Lies | Shades | Time

  • Let The Man Play | Going Solo (Poko Rekords PSCD 20, 1992)

  • Going, Going, Gone (CDEP, Snap Records SNAPC-4 1992)
      You're Going Away | Don't Follow Me | She | Paranoid

  • Another World (CD-compilation, Snap Records SNAP 4, 1992/England)
      You're Going Away | Another World | The Only One | You Can't Give Enough | There Must Be | Hitch-Hiker | She | Take Me Home | Man Like Anyone Else | Don't Follow Me | Getting Deeper | One Love | The Waltz | Poverty Stinks

  • Enough Rules (CDEP, Snap Records SNAPC-9 1992)
      You Can't Give Enough | Someone Is Always Ruling You | The Only One | Poverty Stinks | The Waltz

  • Moppitopit - (CDS, Poko Rekords PSCD-37 1993)
      Tähtiä silmissäni nään | Mä sanon So Long | Sitten tanssitaan
      - performed by Moppitopit a.k.a. Poverty Stinks.

  • Summer Will Never End | Did I | Hitch-Hiker (Poko Rekords PSCD 31, 1993)

  • Wonder House | Please Miss Fortuneteller | Why (Poko Rekords PSCD 41, 1993)

  • Hello Sister (CD, Poko Rekords POKOCD 153, 1994 / Apollon International APCY-8165, Japan)
      I Only Want to Dance | Wonder House | It's You | Hello Sister | Don't Turn Away | Our Neighbours | Please Miss Fortuneteller | Another Yesterday | One In Two | Live for Yourself | I Can't Be Wrong | In the Country

  • Until You Find The Valley | As Strong As Samson (Poko Rekords PSCD 70, 1995)

  • Popstasy (Poko Rekords, POKOCD-168, 1995 / Apollon International APCY-8273, Japan)
      A Song For You | Until You Find The Valley | My Baby Fell In Love With A Motorbike | Tonight | Don't Say Goodbyes | As Strong As Samson | Melody Book | Midsummer Night | Love Me Or Hate Me | Supernatural Woman | You've Got To Come Back | Lady And The Limousine | I Wonder What You See
  • Schräng! (Poko Rekords, POKOCD 211, 1998)
      My Sweet Love | Schräng! | Everybody's Got The Right | A Gentle Word | I Wish This Day Would Last Forever | This Loving Feeling | Cherry Girl | No | Number One | Rescue Me | Beautiful | Race Of Boredom Persons
    • L'Epoque du Pop (compilation, STINKSY 1, 1993)
        Summer Will Never End | Who Could Tell The Truth | I'm Part Of You | Let The Man Play | And She Laughed | I Am Your Friend | One Love | Another World | There Must Be | Paranoid | Poverty Stinks | Don't Follow Me | Man Like Anyone Else | You Can't Give Enough | One Thing On My Mind

    • L'Epoque du Pop (compilation, APCY-8125)
        Who Could Tell The Truth | I'm Part Of You | Let The Man Play | And She Laughed | I Am Your Friend | One Love | Another World | There Must Be | Paranoid | Poverty Stinks | Don't Follow Me | Man Like Anyone Else | You Can't Give Enough | One Thing On My Mind

    on compilations

    • Echoes (Finnish Broadcasting Company/private release CD, YLECDY-90)
      - Ticket To Ride | As Tears Go By | Send Me A Postcard | Josie | Penkki, puu ja puistotie
      - other bands on that compilation are The Quiets and JT & Jazzbeats.

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