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is two best friends who hang out and sing
simone says

The revolution starts now
Pop-dance duo Sinamour have released their incredible debut album "Halfway Between Nietzsche And The Cool" and may have started a new type of music all by themselves. Forget trends and boring facile and commercially obvious bands of the past.

sinSara (18) and Simone (19) have no intension of being a part of the useless corporate machine but have instead focused on being true to themselves, both musically and lyrically.

School of hard knocks
Life hasn't been a bed of roses but they can still smile. Simone came to a new country from her native Jamaica and was immediately branded and outsider by virtue of her different language, culture and colour. She has been chased by skins, spat on and taunted by pickets, and considered different, a word which carries a lot of weight by teenagers who are scared of being something else than norm. She met Sara, who came from a mixed marriage and have been living outside Finland for many years and was also different, at her lukio, and the two bonded immediately by their past experiences and love for music and outrage at injustices. They have encountered in life and via the media.

Lyrics that actually mean something
So often, bands put out lyrics as an afterthought, looking for a quick hook that won't bug down the beat. For Sinamour, this philosophy is not good enough. They look upon their lyrics as an outstanding opportunity to express their feelings at racism ("ain't gonna be a nigger for no-one"), political overspending and public apacy ("mind vibe radical"), societical attempt to cencure and sanitise younger generations ("brainwash"). They also relate to the problems of being women, like depression ("hot stuff baby"), keeping an relationship alive ("pedantic female blues"), and feelings of romance that have dissipated, though not entirely("no strings attached"). They also celebrate the joys of being alive ("sync out") and even talk about their own short comings from the past when they tried to act too cool ("lounge lizards").


Don't forget the music
Sinamour is not just snappy thoughtful lyrics. Their music ranges from across the board in influences, from pop to jazz, to reggae, to soul, to rock, and even in some places to punk (though that's not their favorite type of listening pleasure). The beat grooves seamlessly, keeping a minimalistic approach that endlessly reverberates with a flow of pure sonic thrust. An album that can be listened to again and again, constantly opening new layers and textures, and still holding up with the test of time. Where will you be ten years from now?
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just released:
"Somewhere Between Nietzsche And The Cool" album

released singles:
"No String Attached"
"Sync Out"