Sari's aquarium
Kuva akvaariosta

One of my newest hobbies is taking care of an aquarium. I got the aquarium in September 1996 for my 12th birthday. My aquarium is 100 litres and it has


Lemon Barbs

Neon Tetras

Siamese Algae Eater

Suckermouth Catfish.

My aquarium is 'decorated' with a sign Slippery when wet!, a log, a sunken half of a ship and a diver's helmet, and some plastic plants. The filter and aerator is a Shark model and the heater is Hydromatic.

After a couple of fish died I have learnt to observe the pH value and amount of algae in the aquarium. I change about one fourth of the water every fortnight with my father. I feed my fish twice a day except only once on Wednesdays.  

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