Veikko Rekunen

Omakuva Teacher, translator, writer, politician

I was born April 17, 1952 as the eldest son in a seven-child family. I married my wife
Marja RekunenMarja in 1974, and my beloved daughter
Sari RekunenSari (who insisted on her own page) was born in 1984.
I am a teacher of English by profession and also teach psychology in Ylistaro Upper Secondary School near the West Coast of Finland.

I have translated a number of books, mostly science fiction and computer books into Finnish. I also contribute regularly to Tietokone computer magazine in Finland. I have written short stories (check out my story The Conscience of Mankind in WWW and Biological Truth in Terra SF 2, published by DAW Books), hundreds of articles and pamphlettes.

My hobbies include politics (a member of the Finnish Coalition Party and a member of the local council), writing and studying literature, spending time with my daughter (before she gets too old to care about that), trade union work, television and films, quiz shows, studying the assassination of John F. Kennedy and many other things as time allows.

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